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Google introduces Transit Layer to Maps

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on January 15, 2009

Montreal is currently the only Canadian city avialable with a Transit Layer

Montreal is currently the only Canadian city avialable with a Transit Layer

Many of you have probably used Google maps over the years and found it’s geographically correct maps pretty handy.  Well they just got a bit handier, especially for those who ride public transit.

Google Maps has added a Transit layer to it’s mapping system that allows users to view transit routes super-imposed over the previously mentioned geographically accurate maps.  The service is available for 50 + cities currently, but Google being Google, I’m sure they’ll add more.

Users and writers across the Internet are saying that while the maps are awesome and neat to look at, they’re a bit more complicated than most Transit maps (which are simplified representations of the transit system). The better you are with maps the more comfortable you’ll be with the new Google feature.

Don’t dispair though!  If you use Google’s Transit site you can have it plan your trip, snag your accompanying maps from Google Maps and be set!

Frankly I think this will be a good add on for Google, though I suspect it won’t be that highly used a feature until more maps are available.  For a full list of cities and links to view thier transit maps visit the Google Maps team blog.  What would really make this feature is full integration with Google Transit.

I’m waiting for a cost effective GPS device that does this same thing.  Input your destination, it picks your starting point and gets you on the right busses etc, alerting you a stop ahead of when you get off that your stop is coming up, AND can be programed to avoid certain routes (if one is blocked for example).

A girl can dream, but maybe it’s something for you to get on Google 😉


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Warm Fuzzies for your Holidays

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on December 24, 2008

You are very loved; I wish I could slip 10 000 little love letters under your door.

A personal holiday shout-out to my Dolfo: You are very loved; I wish I could slip 10 000 little love letters under your door.

So I was thinking of what to put up here over the holidays and I realized that this time of year is all supposed to be all about giving and sharing. So I’d like to share with all of you a link, that is also, all about sharing.

The story goes that one day a man went around leaving blank postcards around town. Each postcard had the man’s address on it and a simple request that the finder write their secret on the postcard and send it back to him. Years later postcards are still flooding in, but now the man posts them on a website every Sunday morning to share them with the world. The postcards come from all over the world and contain everything from the most lighthearted gossip to the hardest hitting pleas.

And everyone can read them.

The point of PostSecret is to encourage people to share their stories in hopes of inspiring others to share as well. Even if the readers don’t share, they never feel alone.

I wish I could share my own secret with all of you, but I lack the anonymity to feel safe in sharing. Maybe someday my own postcard will grace PostSecret. Maybe I’ve already read one of yours.

Either way: we aren’t alone.

Have a Happy Holiday of Choice, and a wonderful Gregorian Calendar Roll Over and remember to share with your family and friends in this festive time of year.

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Forwarding from Hotmail: Someone made it easy!

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on December 21, 2008

The super clean and functional GetMail is BRILLIANT and a must have for anyone trying to forward their Hotmail to GMail

The super clean and functional GetMail is BRILLIANT and a must have for anyone trying to forward their Hotmail to GMail

So, I’m gonna admit something a little shocking: I just got a GMail account a few weeks ago. The only thing that held me back from getting one of these wonderful slices of internet storage heaven was the logistical issue of forwarding my Hotmail to GMail.

For those not in the know, Hotmail has a quirky system for getting you your mail that has become a bit antiquated. Hotmail doesn’t use the very standard POP3 servers that most everyone else uses, which lead to a major problem for GMail users looking to forward their old Hotmail to their new account. GMail simply can’t access your Hotmail because Hotmail doesn’t use POP3, and Hotmail doesn’t give you the tools to forward the mail from the Hotmail side of the equation.

Many people have been trying to solve this problem and since getting my GMail I’ve tried a few forwarding services. Most fizzle and fail pretty fast, or require cumbersome installation that forces the user to dust off old Command Window skills (C:\KILL_ME.EXE).

However, do not fear! I found a great little utility this morning that I am now in love with that is doing a PERFECT job of getting my old Hotmail into my snappy new GMail. The program, GetMail for Hotmail, operates in the background on your computer, shoveling your Hotmail to your Gmail while giving you the option to save the messages to your hard drive.

The setup was SUPER easy. Unzip, Install, Right Click the icon, input your mail settings (login info for your Hotmail and address to send the messages to) and BOOM, it’s done.

There are a few more advanced features in it for filtering spam, controlling message size, and setting how and when the program checks for messages. There aren’t a lot of techy aspects to this utility, but frankly, I like the clean functionality of it.

A simple utility to do a simple job. Love it. Grab it!

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A note on our posting schedule!

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on December 12, 2008

This is how I use MY textbooks, how about you?

This is how I use MY textbooks, how about you?

You may have noticed a slow down in our posting here at the Digi-Cult over the past few weeks.  The reasons for this are three fold (at least):

1) All our writers are students and we’ve just come in to this semester’s final exam period.  I’m sure you all know how much time studying takes up at this point and we thank you for your patience at this time!

2) We started this blog as a school project and that class has come to an end.  Most of the writters are commited to staying with the blog (once we finish with exams) at least in some capacity, though we’re still working out our exact time commitments.

3) IT’S ALMOST HOLIDAY TIME!  We’re all gonna take some time to relax!

Please hang in there with us during our time of transition!

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Does this really need to be seperate?

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on December 9, 2008

So a friend of mine sent me this link to a BBC story about a Muslim oriented virtual world.  Think Habo meets The Sims.  I love the idea and the execution of it all, don’t get me wrong but I’ve got one question:

Does this need to be seperate?

I understand the whole idea behind starting a Muslim only community, but to me making such a separation seems strange to me.  Adding a prayer mat to The Sims would have much the same effect.  If you’re playing any other online game you could create a community for Muslims who play their characters according to Muslim customs.

Now I admit, this could be all my perception, and the whole reason I wrote this was to start some discussion.  I was raised Irish Catholic and have tried on various religions over the years.  Currently I’m undecided.  I just don’t see the big deal about religion and flaunting it or seeing it as a dividing factor.

The creators of Muxlim Pal say that the game is for those interested in Muslim culture, but to me, it seems like an excuse for people to cut themselves out of society and create even more of a mystique around themselves.  The developers also mention that Muslims don’t live a life all that different from non-Muslims.  If that’s true, then why create a seperate game?

I’m not saying this is bad or anything, please don’t get me wrong.  I just question this continuing need for “cultural diversity via separation” that I’m seeing everywhere.

Discuss people!

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