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Meet and Greet

Posted by 1forfun on September 12, 2008

So, I thought I would take a second in my first post to introduce myself. I am 1forfun, and I will be updating every friday at the least. My interest lies mainly in video games, particularly of the older variety, so I will most often be posting reviews or reminiscings of such games, as well as notes on the awesome things that can be found in your local pawn shop/ other such places where people take their old stuff. I also have a certain love for the online comics, you will likely see quite a few links to such comics in here.

To start off, I wanted to start with something I found at King of Trade for the NES, however, as they frequently do, my NES is failing to function for the time being. In the mean time I will share with you my thoughts on my favourite game, Banjo Kazooie. Probably the biggest reason why I like this game so much is that instead of being based largely in battles , it’s more about collecting and exploring worlds. Don’t get me wrong, games with ugly monsters creeping up on you constantly can have great story lines and be alot of fun, but when it really comes down to it, constantly being in fear for my character, and sitting on the edge of my seat never struck me as relaxing. Banjo Kazooie though, has very little of that.

One thing that Banjo Kazooie does that is diferent from many other games is scrap the fourth wall. The game characters readily acknowledge the fact that they are in a game, and it allows for some fun jokes.


Unfortunately, I am off to work now. The rest of my post will be up after I get home, which will be some time tomorrow. In the mean time this blog is written by one of our regular late night customers, enjoy.

I have graciously been allowed to go home on time tonight, so I’ll use this suddenly free time to continue telling everyone about Banjo Kazooie.

the premise of the game is simple. Banjo’s sister has been captured by the evil withch Gruntilda, and is now being held in her lair, awaiting a process which will transfer her beauty to Gruntilda.  It’s never really explained why Kazooie is in Banjo’s backpack, but she is. the game starts off with a tutorial level. Bottles the mole will teach you some basic moves and introduce you to some of the games collectable items. Once this first area is completed, you enter Gruntilda’s lair, which is vainly shaped to look like her own head. Once inside there are nine themed worlds, each with their own obstacles, challenges and baddies. For the most part finding the Jiggies to open the next worlds are straightforward, however thats not to say that all the games obstacles are straightforward, nor is it to say that just because the objective of the task is straightforward that accomplishing each of the tasks will be simple. This game is one that takes a great deal of patience, and a great deal of curiosity in exploring the worlds. Some people will certainly find the amount of time spend running around searching for music notes or other collectables to be discouraging, but there is a certain sense of accomplishment that goes with finding all 100 in a level. As you make your way through the worlds, collecting everything and learning all the new moves, you should also be paying attention to the little details. Once you reach Gruntilda, there is a board game you have to fifnish before you can reach her. This is where all the extra time spent running aroundthe levels pays off, because you’ll be asked trivia questions about the game in order to proceed. Once that is complete, there is only the final fight with Grunty.


As far as game layout goes, I’ve really come to appreciate more and more how each world is self contained and how there is a clear sequence to the worlds since I’ve started playing Banjo-Twoie. The worlds in the sequal are far larger and far more interconnected, and to my mind at least, far more confusing, at least to begin with. Irrigardless, I am still excited for the third one, which is due in November, looks quite a bit different, but fun none the less. It involves collecting pieces for and building vehicles to complete challenges, instead of the classic puzzle solving. The initial reactions seem promising.

 My only problem to date with this title is the I don’t have an Xbox. My dilema in this issue is illustrated rather well here:

And with that, I’m off to put my tuition to good use, and see if I can’t fit a few more facts into my brain tonight.


2 Responses to “Meet and Greet”

  1. veiledindiehubris said

    Sorry, Banjo Kazooie is like a 4th rate Conker’s Bad Fur Day

    CBFD ftw.

  2. Jen said

    I am a big fan of your writing, I just started a gaming blog myself this week. I am looking for intelligent writers like yourself to include in my blogroll. Please let me know if you are interested in having a link to my gaming blog on your site. If you agree I will proudly link to your site from mine.

    I’m pretty sick of cliche game revues and happy to have found another person with insightful things to say about the digital world.

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