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I Live For Art

Posted by Matt Harbottle on September 17, 2008

Hello readers of The Digi-cult!  As the same as my fellow blogger 1forfun, I would like to take a few moments to tell you about my interests in the digital world.  I am mattymo12.  My main passion in life would have to be graphic design, or more broadly put, digital art.  For how advanced we have become with computers and technology, it was hard for me to not become excited about being able to create pieces of art on a computer.

My infatuation with art starts off when I was very young.  As a kid, I would spend hours in my room making drawings, paintings, or colorings of anything that interested me.  It wasn’t until around eleven years ago when I was in high school, that my artistic interests took me to another level.  I enrolled in a class named  “Visual Communications.”  Since the day I started that class, my life had changed.  Under the guidance of a teacher named Mr. Dendy, from that day on, I knew I wanted to become a graphic designer, and pursue it as a career.

After years of travelling and working dead end jobs, I decided it was time to head back to school.  To broaden my horizons with other forms of digital art, I applied and started my schooling in a program called New Media.  Currently in my forth year of school, thinking back to before I started, I had no idea the amount of things I would learn, in so many different forms of art.  That being digital or analogue.

The weekly blog that I will be posting every Wednesday will involve things that I find interesting revolving around the world of digital art.  These blogs can include digital artists, art, programs, technology, or even events of digital art.  If anyone would like to submit any art they have created, I would love to include it in my blog.

Until next week Digi-cult readers.


4 Responses to “I Live For Art”

  1. bananatree said

    As a 4th year New Media student, you should really remember to post links to your portfolio/past work.

    What better way to show your multi facetedness than by blogging AND showcasing your digital art.

  2. Shannon O'Grady said

    Are you a Painter fan or a Photoshop junkie? Or are you smart enough to use both? Are you a tablet monkey or the old point and click type?

  3. mattymo12 said

    I love art in all different mediums. I personally use Illustrator and Photoshop the most, but I must say deep down I am a Photoshop junkie. My method is usually ink or pencil on paper then digitally edited after. Click and drag is always good, but nothing beats a tablet. Due to expensive costs, I must resort to pointing and clicking at home, but try to use the tablets at school as much as I can.

  4. ellathinks said

    I’m also an artlover..I believe that doing artwork is the bet way to express our feelings..this also shows our personality inside and out..I enjoy reading your blog..hope to read more from you..Keep it up..

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