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My First Week In WoW

Posted by Susan on September 22, 2008

Well I made it my first week. I levelled my little blood elf priest from 1-20. With some major help from a friend. I am finding out through this experiment, how intriguing the World of Warcraft can be. In this world you can literally become someone else, and possibly that is the fascination with the Internet – you can become anyone. I have noticed in the game, that on one level you are interacting with others, but at the same time you are in the safety and comfort of your own home. You can be the nicest person the world in the “real” world but in cyberspace, any hostile feelings or any bad day may be expressed, and in the WoW world I think it is more so.

Here’s and example: I had a total rough day at work yesterday, people were totally irritating me. What did i do when I got home? I turned on my PC and started playing WoW, and after killing many forms of beasts on my new level 20 and then switching to my level 70 to compete and dominated against other players, I felt much better. But during the interaction with the game however, I felt different somehow. While I am more reserved and not prone to get frustrated with people or call them mean names in person, while in the game I was prone to getting frustrated while losing in the battlegrounds. (Battlegrounds are areas where players of one faction compete against players of another faction – these games may contain up to 25 members per faction). I became someone I wouldn’t normally be in “real” life.

Another aspect of the game that I noticed this week was that there is a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that you have achieved some goal that you have set for yourself. This week on my level 70 I was able to recieve a new piece of gear for my character that I have been saving points to get for over a month. It was exciting to get something that would allow my character to be more sucessful in the game. That is something that makes the game addictive, there is always something to do, something to achieve or accomplish. That will also increase with the advent of the new expansion to the game due out in November. But that is for another posting.

Levelling my priest was an interesting experience. I have always played the alliance faction and to make the experience unique, i have started playing on the horde faction. Through these first few levels, which didnt take long, I noticed a slight change in the gameplay experience. I found that since there are fewer horde players, at least on my server, more people were inclined to help you out. If a quest was to difficult for me to master I asked those in the area and they came. I also joined a guild- a group of people who help eachother with game goals and achievements – and many higher ups – even level 70s came to help me level which i didnt really experience on the alliance side.

Well, thats been my WoW experience and thoughts this week: tune in next week and see what else I discover!


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