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A touch of Nostalgia

Posted by 1forfun on September 26, 2008

Who doesn’t remember Sesame Street. Back when it actually used to be Sesame Street. I for one used to watch the show all the time. Back before they changed it at least. So I was pretty pshyched when I found a Sesame Street game at the pawn shop. Needless to say I bought it, and now that my NES is once again in working order, I had to try out Countdown.

It was simple enought to figure out, you select a number at random from a spinning wheel of numbers 1-10, and then have to go through the level and collect that number, either as a numeral or as a cluster of objects. The levels however, are a little different from what I expected. Being that it is a Sesame Street game, I expected the levels to be on the street. The first level is, but after that you progress to a forest, and the wild west, prehistoric times and even the moon.  That’s pretty much the entire game. It’s alright for small children, but once you can count past 10, the game loses almost all of it’s interest and all of it’s challenge. Not that I regret owning it, since it’s a pretty cool bit of childhood, but you can also play online here, in higher quality to boot.

If you were a fan of the count in your younger days, it’s worth a look just to hear the count laugh again, ah ah ah!

Also in relation to Shannon’s post about casual gamers and hard core gamers and the games that used to satisfy both, i thought I’d look back at some of my favourite games on the NES that used to keep me “casually” entertained. (In no particular order)

Ice Climbers

With the popularity of the super Smash Bros. series, it always amuses me how few people I know have actually played the original Ice Climbers game. This game is essentially you playing as an ice climber trying to break ice blocks in order to get to the top of the mountain. Along the way you face seals who will recreate the ice layers you are trying to break through, falling icicles and birds diving at you. Each level has a different vegetable to collect for extra points, and at the top of each mountain is a small bonus level. If you are playing 2 player, it’s a race to the bonus level because only one of you can complete it. An added bonus of playing 2 player is that you can stun your opponent, and become quite annoying… Did I mention I have a younger brother?

Antarctic Adventure

This is another game set in rather chilly temperatures. You play as a penguin racing around the antarctic in several sections. meanwhile you have to avoid the seals and crevaces and collect fish. Hitting either a seal or a crevace won’t hurt you, you’ll just bounce off to the side, but it’s a timed race, so it gets annoying. This game was really a matter of challenging yourself to get farther than you had last time, something I always found really difficult, but the penguin is just so cute.


One Response to “A touch of Nostalgia”

  1. Matthew said

    Wow, sesame street is really bad. Although I could see it on school computers alongside number muncher and such.

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