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A touch of Nostalgia pt2

Posted by 1forfun on October 8, 2008

I appologize for the late post, this week has been full of lots of wonderfully dull and time consuming things. I did however make a fun find at King of trade the other day. I found a copy of The Little Mermaid for NES, and my roommate picked up a copy of Spyro, a Hero’s Tail for Gamecube, both of which I look forward to playing for more than five minutes. As far as not having time to game goes, this is not entirely true. As of late, I have been playing some Magic School Bus computer games, particularily Inside the Earth. They are fun and distracting, as well as educational. More often however, I am playing Kitty Cannon.

Yes I am a sick individual. I don’t care. I love the pirahna plants, while my roommate favours the spikes, but either way we both enjoy the splatting sound when the kittens hit the ground. This is a game that involves very little attention and no skill and yet I still find enjoyable. Something about wathcing a kitty bounce aong a field littlered with obstacles and rootiong for it to hit the explosivves and bounce further just amuses me. There are lots and lots of simple computer games like this, your computer probably came witha few of them. How many times have you played solitare. True most people wouldn’t consider these to be video games, but they still have their entertainment value.

As for the NES games that were the staple of my childhood, many of them were also the simple kind cccof game that you could play for five minutes and not have to worry about getting too into them that you couldn’t go off and do homework or whatever. In fact sometimes more than 10 or so minutes would just end in me getting angry.


This game continues to frustrate me to this day. You play as a small platform that moves right and left across the screen, and your goal is to bounce a ball at multicoloured bricks at the top of the screen to clear them, while catching the ball on each bounce. Sometimes the bricks will release a power up that will give you a special ability like having a longer platform, or having three balls in play at once. Once you clear all the bricks you can move on to the next level. The part the frustrates me so much is the third level. The are gold bricks that can’t be cleared, but the level is set up in such a way that it is vitually impossible to be successful. I’ve never managed to clear the  level, and it continues to frustrate me.

City Connection

In City connection you play as a small car, and your objective is to highlight all the streets in the level. You do this by driving over them, while avoiding obstacles and the police. You can pick up small rectangles aroiund the level that you can shoot at the police and ballons which will help you clear the level. This game, though not as frustrating as Arkanoid, is another that can only be played for so long. Each level is very similar with a slightly different set up and a different background, but the same objective. It really doesn’t matter that you can’t save or can’t play for long since it’s all essentially the same anyways. Still amusing though. Check it out here.


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