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Welcome to the New Age of Interactive Art

Posted by Matt Harbottle on October 8, 2008


When you think about the word “art,” what comes to mind? For me as a graphic designer, the first things are, paintings, drawings, sculptures, digital prints, and so on, but apparently those mediums just don’t cut it anymore. Welcome to the new world of interactive art.



I would have never thought that to become a cutting edge artist in the twenty-first century, one would have to spend years in school learning computer sciences, engineering, physics, robotics, and alike. Now it’s evident that to catch someone’s eye, you have to bring something new and exciting to the table. I.e, Interactive art. 




Most North American’s can say that they’ve attended an art gallery or exhibition of some kind at one point or another in their life. If not an art enthusiast, a lot would probably say it was “boring.” On the other hand, traditional art lover’s analyse art from an emotional standpoint and base it on how it makes them feel. What if you could attend an exhibition and not only have the art spark certain emotions, but also communicate and interact with you? It caught my attention. 


To consider a piece of art being interactive, it would have to involve the spectator in some way. I have seen so many variations and techniques used now, it seems the possibilities are endless of what the designers can come up with. Some incorporate sounds, music, physical movement and illusions, which turns the art into a multimedia art-form, opposed to just 2D and 3D art. Interesting collision of artistic expression pooled into one form, which questions if static or stationary art is enough anymore?



So what’s the next art craze? Artists are trying to create the next movement constantly, combining new and old styles, where some artists are successful. To view some good examples of these artists, I would suggest visiting to view some great and not so great work.




2 Responses to “Welcome to the New Age of Interactive Art”

  1. jdiaz said

    very edgy and new. awesome.

  2. […] the combination of the two fields to produce amazing pieces of work.  In one of my earlier blogs, “Welcome to the New Age of Interactive Art,” I briefly discuss how interactive art is pushing the limits of what is “art” this day […]

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