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Generation Gap?

Posted by 1forfun on October 10, 2008

With the Thanksgiving long weekend upon us, I thought I’d talk a bit about family this week. My thought process started off with a conversation I had with my Granny awhile back. She lives in a retirement home, and the board decided they would look into getting a Nintendo Wii for the games room in the building. I thought this was a pretty neat idea, having all these seniors learning to use a game console, and the Wii is the perfect choice, particularly with it’s Wii fit. It has the potential to keep everyone active no matter the weather or other limitations. I have to admit it had the added attraction of being available for my use when I come to visit.

However this also made me realize that I don’t want to be playing video games with my Granny. That’s something I do with my friends, and I somehow the thought just seems odd. My Granny is the one who taught me to play crib and double series and many many other games that I loved throughout my childhood and still love today. These are the types of games that I want to play when i visit my Granny, mostly because of the memories, but also because I have no one else to play many of these games with, because most of my friends aren’t familiar with these games.

I for one don’t think a generation gap is a terrible thing at all. I’m all for my Granny playing Wii fit and whatever other games she wants too, just like I support my Grandma using MSN (always an interesting conversation point by the way) but at the same time, I can’t help but feel that we’re losing out on board games and card games. Labyrinth and Skip Bo, Clue and Monopoly, even solitare and freecell, how many people could even play without their computers? I for one look forward to a Thanksgiving of board games and cards along with good food, because I know come Tuesday I’ll be right back to my electronic entertainment.



Lunar Ball

This is a pretty awesome version of pool. Aside from having a variety of oddly shaped pool tables, which makes it more difficult to clear, you can also adjust the friction of the pool table, ranging from alot of friction and having to shoot the ball twice to get it anywhere, to almsot no friction, and having to wait two minutes for your cue ball to stop bouncing off the sides. Another thing I like about this game is that you can select a level. This is usefull because it gives everyone a change to try out all the different table designs without having to play through them all everytime.    The table layouts start getting weird at about 3 minutes.



A classic. though it wouldn’t seem like it at first, this game actually features MArio in a bonus level you access by getting the pinball through a particular chute. This game, like arcade pinball, is about getting the most points, which makes the 2 player mode more enjoyable. Pinball is one of those games that requires little skill and little attention to still  be entertaining. Not one I played often, just because you can only play for so long before it becomes too simple, but fun none the less on occassion.


One Response to “Generation Gap?”

  1. I wish I would have gotten it sooner
    I put off buying a Wii for a long time. We’re adults, in our 50’s and not really gamers other than solitaire on the computer. I figured it was mostly for kids or that it was too cartoony and it wouldn’t get used. I even left it in the box for 4 days because I thought I might bring it back. When I finally decided to keep it I put off “installing” it because I thought it might be complicated and take a long time. It was only 3 clearly marked cords to hook to the back of the TV and into the unit, and the sensor into the unit.

    Well, it took me about 5 minutes to hook it up (It would have taken 3 but I had to crawl around back of the TV stand) and as soon as we started it up I could see it was something we were going to like. Bowling was the first thing I tried and couldn’t believe how realistic it was. I even have the same hook on the ball that I do in real life. After that it was tennis, then baseball, then golf and boxing. I was surprised at how much exercise the tennis and boxing provided. It was definitely a fun thing to play with.

    Two nights later we had friends over, 12 people in all and the people from across the street wanted to see the Wii. I put on the bowling game, got 4 volunteers to play and that was it for the night. Everyone was screaming when someone got a spare or a strike and they went on to play tennis, baseball, golf and boxing. Fortunately dinner was stuff that could be served buffet style because everyone was gathered around the TV watching or playing the games, with plates their laps or at the kitchen table which has a clear view of the family room. Two of the people ended up buying Wii’s the following week.

    I’m mostly into it for the exercise aspect and we’ve gotten the Wii Fit and the Outdoor Challenge which are both great. But there are lots more games that “get you up off the couch” coming out and now having tried a few, I can’t wait to get them. Two thumbs up for this game console!

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