The Digi-Cult

A New Religion for a Digital Age


Posted by Shannon O'Grady on October 18, 2008

Could it be that in creating a self-regulating site such as Wikipedia we have found Utopia?

The now famous Wikipedia logo and possible flag of Utopia

The now famous Wikipedia logo and possible flag of Utopia

Philosophers and thinkers have been talking about this concept of Utopia as a physical place where everyone is free to do as they please so long as they don’t hurt others and everyone has all their

needs taken care of all the time.  As of yet society at large seems to think that we haven’t found this.

But maybe we have.

In every attempt to create a Utopia society has managed to create freedoms for all that have generally not been abused until thier needs stopped being met.  That has always been the issue with Utopias; if everyone has no need to work, why work to meet the needs of others (or yourself).  Clearly in the physical context there are problems with Utopia.

But in an intellectual context, we may have found what we were looking for.  Self-regulated sites like Wikipedia have shown us that when we are intellectually free and all working towards a known goal, we will regulate ourselves in to an efficcent machine and reach our goal.

Everyone’s needs are met intellectually and everyone is equally intellectually free.  Could it be that Wikipedia is a representation of the intellectual Utopia that can exist for us online?


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