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Canadian Graphic Designers

Posted by Matt Harbottle on October 22, 2008



Thanks in part to the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC), Canadian graphic designers are becoming more recognized than ever before.  Canada, often forgotten in the world-view of leading edge technology, the GDC helps promote high standards of visual design by Canadian designers.  It’s Canada’s time to shine.
Graphic design is becoming a huge asset to all industries world-wide, making it an essential resource to companies, schools, markets, etc.  The GDC, formed in 1956, has been an advocate, voice, and resource for Canada’s graphic design profession.  It is a member-based organization of design professionals from all fields.
Once a designer has signed up for a membership with the GDC, they can then promote themselves within the site.  They can edit their profile, contact information, showcase their work, post jobs, or even look for jobs that are posted on the site.
Being an aspiring graphic designer, I see the GDC being a great resource for improving my skills as a designer, as well as helping my career in the future.  The GDC offers awards, post jobs, have links to schools of graphic design, promote their members, and that isn’t even scratching the surface.  Due to the fact that I am still a student, I plan to build up my portfolio before joining.  So GDC, why not join?

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