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How will WoW Change the Future?

Posted by Susan on October 27, 2008

World of Warcraft is a prolific virus that is invading the nation, scratch that, the world.

With over 6 million players the game is huge, and those statistics only accound for those playing in North America and Europe. That does not include those playing in Asia, since well that is where the money in world of warcraft is acutally made.

I know that its hard to believe, how can you make money in a game that you pay money to play? The fact of the matter is there is what we in the WoW community call “farmers”. Farmers are players who level up their characters to do just that…make WoW currency. These characters play all hours, in shifts to obtain the most amount of gold possible. By doing so they stockpile it, and sell it for real money on the internet. Individuals playing the game may purchase this gold and have it sent to their characters.

Twisted isn’t it? Pay real money for fake money? Thats like me taking your twenty dollar bill and giving you back monopoly money. It means nothing to you, it has no REAL value.

So why do they do it? The truth of the matter is, you can make a lot of money. Look on ebay…you will be very suprised.

So, WoW has changed a part of our economy, real currency for online currency… What else will change?

With so many people involved in the WoW lifestyle, and the numbers growing, what will happen as the population grows? Will the real world cease to exist? How will we cope? Will large populations be confined to their computer chairs?

The bigger question here is how will relationships form? I read, somewhere online, that there are individuals who marry online without ever seeing each other? Or even more so, how do relationships progress in situations where WoW is involved.. On youtube, I found a clip from a tyra show where the husband left his wife in labor to go play WoW. Obviously this addiction has consequences on relationships.

I am not so sure that WoW is a good avenue for the future for those that are seriously addicted.  Although it is entertaining, maybe it should just be that, a mild form of entertainment.


2 Responses to “How will WoW Change the Future?”

  1. Tesh said

    Of course the in-game money has real value. There’s demand for it, isn’t there? Perhaps it can’t be exchanged for bread or clothes out here in the real world, but since there is a very real demand for it, there is value. Value enough to drive a grey market for the stuff.

    Just a thought. 😉

  2. serendipity1982 said

    Oh course there is demand for the use of WoW gold, and the grey market for it exists. But those outside of the MMO world do not quite understand that value. Those that I know of, always ask that question, I get that you pay money to play the game, but why pay real money to recieve in game money? It is a concept that people don’t completely understand. How would you describe the value of WoW gold to someone who doesnt play WoW? How would you have them understand that this has real world value?

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