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Digital Railroad Fail Update.

Posted by Rod Leland on October 30, 2008

Rob Galbraith has posted an update to the DRR Fail situation.  It seems through some negotiations, a “compromise” has been reached to (feebly) help the DRR customers whose files are still being held hostage.

“As part of the process of terminating the business operations of Digital Railroad, Diablo Management Group has informed PhotoShelter of their intent to shut down the DRR site as early as 11:59PM, PST, on Friday October 31. After this point, it is very likely that all the images located on the Digital Railroad servers could be permanently inaccessible. Given the strong possibility of this event, PhotoShelter, on its own initiative, is strongly suggesting that customers migrate their files from Digital Railroad immediately. Digital Railroad, at the present time, has no plans or resources to accomplish this task.”

Great, more time for the DRR users to trasnser the files.  Hopefully the giant outrage across the industry online had something to do with this. The problem is that this situation is still regarded as “highly fluid” and could change with no notice.  Bottom line, again, Get your stuff off the servers as QUICKLY as you can.  And sign up for a photoshelter account.

-Rod Leland


One Response to “Digital Railroad Fail Update.”

  1. Safe alternative to Digital Railroad.

    Were you left high and dry by Digital Railroad going bust?
    I know a company that has a good piece of image library software – they do footage libraries too.
    Big advantage is that you’ll own the software; I hear they are offering credit terms too.
    Take a look at

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