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TV’s Geeks: The Girls

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on November 1, 2008

Geekdom has been part of Digital Culture since the dawn of the digital age, but gone are the days when the resident geek girl on a TV show spoke one line an episode and spent the rest of the time blushing behind her library book.  Today’s Geek Girls wear their neediness loudly, proudly, and in many different ways.

Dana Scully – A doctor, detective, a red haired bombshell, and a hell of a shot too.  A Standford Medical graduate with a Bachelors in Physics from University of Maryland, Scully is best known for her physical labors like escaping alien abductions and chasing Mulder across crop circles it’s easy to forget that Scully is a Professor as well.  Dana is the kind of geek who blends in with the crowd; you won’t find her sporting glasses unless she’s using them to study or preforming an autopsy.  She’s a football fan and a tomboy, yet she can name off every bone in the human body, while shooting you in each one.  A hardcore skeptic she believes that science will provide all the answers she needs.  Even her own Catholic faith isn’t safe from her scrutiny.  Don’t go thinking she’s stodgy though; an impulsive night of drinking resulted in a tatoo on the small of her back that she is secretly proud of.  A deadly agent with the patience of a saint, Dana Scully redefines the FBI: Fire, Beauty, Intellect.

Penelope Garcia – One of the FBI’S top Technical analysist assigned to the Behavior Analysis Unit is also one of the cutest, girliest, geekiest geeks you’ll ever see! (And as you can probably tell, a personal favorite of mine.)  Garcia is a techno-prodigy, loves MMORPGS, hacking/cracking, and collecting esoteric toys and figurines.  Garcia sees more horrible things than most of us can see in a life time of nightmares at her job  and as a countermeasure she fills her office with anime and game figures, ties pom-poms to her pens and is rarely found without colourful hair ornaments.  Don’t let all the sunshine fool you though, Penelope’s wit is her best weapon and she’s not afraid to use it.

Abigail “Abby” Sciuto – Goth geeks are always underrepresented in the media, but Abby is out to change that.  In fact, she’s out to change the world, one mega size Caf-Pow drink at a time.  This dark haired beauty spends her days in the lab being so brilliant the military lets her wear her spikes and pig-tails to work.  After a hard day cracking cases she sleeps in a coffin, that is, after she’s finished playing WoW and other video games.  She also bowls a mean game with her friends (a group of nuns) and enjoys hacking/cracking in her spare time with her friend (or maybe more) Magee.  Don’t let her dark appearnce fool you though: she’s just a sweet kid with a nervous disposition.  Or maybe it’s all the caffeine…

Temperance Brennan – Another doctor/professor cross makes our list with the Forensic Anthropologist from Bones.  Brennan is an intrepid crime solver and best selling author, but a social reject.  Not shy at all, she often espouses knowledge at her colleges at an alarming rate.  Full of facts, and possessing a sharp eye she is one of the greatest mind of her field.  Her sincerity and naivete often seem like flirting and get her into situations her intellect can’t get her out of.  Her socially awkward and blunt manner scare away men, but Brennan doesn’t seem to mind.  All mistakes are just opportunities to learn after all.  I suspect she has a shelf full of relationship reference material in her apartment (as well as a few romance novels), for research purposes of course.

Calleigh Duquesne – Blond hair, blue eyes and an eternally sunny disposition aren’t normally associated with geeks, but Calleigh isn’t your normal geek.  Holding a bachelors degree in Physics, this Southern bell is just as smart as any of her fellow CSI’s but her expertise in guns is where her true nerd colors show through.  Dusquesne got the nick name Bullet Girl while working in New Orleans and wears the name proudly in her new Miami home.  Her love of guns makes her a very rare kind of fan girl and a living “Gun Bunny”, something that has caught the eye of many male co-workers.  A little niave when it comes to the smooth ways of Miami men she still holds on to some Southern values, often blushing when a handsome fellow holds a door for her.  Strong and fearless Calleigh is the stuff many geek dreams are made of, and that’s just fine by her.

Betty Suarez – Socially awkward, and terrible dresser this braces clad cuttie spends her days working at a high end Fashion Magazine.  Betty came in second in her graduating class at Queens borough High School, was the editor of the Yearbook, and member of the Music Society (playing cymbals and triangles) among other classically geeky pursuits.  Repeating this pattern in college Betty graduated Cum Laude, proving intelligence can take you farther than looks.  Well known for being positive and solving any problem, Betty has become indispensable to her friends and is becoming a valued member of Mode magazine.  Clumsy and scatterbrained most of the time Betty can pull it all together in a pinch and win the day, or even, the heart of her latest crush.

Watch for part two, TV’s Geeks: The Boys coming soon!


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