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Obama as the Bottom Up President

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on November 4, 2008

Barack Obama could be THIS iconic.  Seriously.

Barack Obama could be THIS iconic. Seriously.

Well, I was listening to CNN after Obama won the election and Alex Castellanos was speaking about Obama as a President for the communication Age.  I’ve got to say that I agree.

The pannelist was discussing how in terms of software design the world has shifted towards a bottom up kind of development with great success.  Likewaise Barack Obama has asked each voter for thier help; a distinctly bottom up approach.  Perhaps this will the first Open Source government.

Economics and Industry have lead the way for government for a long time.  Democracy was influenced by artisans who were proud of their work and by intellectuals who had just started to understand thier own minds and what individual thought could accomplish.

The American form of Democratic election was influenced by masses of disenfranchised labourers who wanted to band together to take down those in power, but didn’t want to lose thir hard won individuality.

Perhaps we will see a Bottom Up government if this pattern continues.  We can only hope.

Barack Obama created a powerful internet campaign and a grassroots movement through the internet beyond anything ever seen before.  For the first time in a long time (perhaps since Kennedy’s face graced the TV, winning over many wih this charismatic features and throughful words).  This could be the time when Digital Culture bleeds fully in to the analog world.

And that can only mean, a world united.


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