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What the heck is up with Fallout 3?

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on November 4, 2008

A great game... too bad you can only play it in 10 minute bursts between crashes

A great game... too bad you can only play it in 10 minute bursts between crashes

If you’ve  been following gaming news lately you’ve probably seen Fallout 3 getting perfect scores and rave reviews across the board.  But you may not have seen the piles and piles of complaints about the game’s constant crashing on message boards and small blogs.

It seems Fallout 3 is suffering the same issues as Oblivion did at launch, that is, mysterious crashes that are strangely unexplained.  Worse still these crashes are going un-noticed (more or less) by the media and are hardly being addressed by the developers.

I’ll admit, I haven’t played this game myself and am writing this as a bit of a service to my boyfriend, but I can say that it majorly pissed me off when companies won’t take responsibility for thier mistakes.  Clearly Fallout 3 wasn’t throughly tested before it’s release or there wouldn’t be so many issues.  That’s mistake number one.

But we’re all human, so we can forgive that, but why hasn’t there been a patch, even a partial one released?  Or even a media release acknowledging the issues and stating that the patch will be released as soon as all the bugs are fixed.  Even on thier own forums the developers haven’t acknowledged most of the posts.

Now, to be fair, not everyone is having issues with the game, but there seems to be no constant between cases where the game works, nor a constant between crashes.  I’ll keep you all posted if there any updates, but please let me know if you hear any answers from the developers or other sources.


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