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Fallout 3: Update 2

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on November 5, 2008

That smiling guy at the top, he's really screaming "PATCH ME".

That smiling guy at the top, he's really screaming "Patch Me!"

So as those that play the game may have noticed, the promised patch did not arrive yesterday.  Boo urns!  However, have hope!  The patch is in the works and according to another Bethesda staffer will be released this week.  Hurray!

The patch, according to N4G will address issues of the game crashing upon exit.  Sadly that is NOT the major issue most people are having, nor is it the issue the fans were hoping would be addressed first.

Bethesda does say that they will be realeasing another, more extensive patch at a later date and they’re monitoring complaints to make the fans happy.  So if you want this game fixed faster I’d say head over to Bethesda’s Fallout 3 forums and start annoying the heck out of the moderators in hopes of speeding up the process.

Suspiciously there are no offical notices about any of this on the main Fallout 3 website, or the developers blog, or even a real offical announcement in the formus (at least that I can find, you know how forums are).  Is Bethesda leaving things up in the air so they don’t have a solid due date to push towards?  Or are they just certain the fans will wait forever anyway.


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