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What Ever Happened to CorelDraw?

Posted by Matt Harbottle on November 5, 2008



Back in the 90’s, when someone needed a design made, the program to use was CorelDRAW.  Now a days (this could just be me) rarely do you hear of anyone using the program.  What happened?

When I was taking visual communications class back in High school (in the late-90’s), for the brief unit in graphic design, the only computer program we used was CorelDraw.  At that time the Adobe programs were unheard of, at least at my school.  It makes me wonder why CorelDRAW vanished from schools and replaced with the Adobe suites?

goodcoreldraw61Presumably, when I was in high school we were using Version 6 or 7 at that time and after doing some research online, I’ve come to realize that there has been seven other versions of CorelDRAW since then.  That also includes their latest release of version X4 that was released this year.  To top it off, it seems as though it runs a lower cost than its competitors Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4).  On the other hand, CS4 includes numerous multimedia programs whereas X4 suite does not.  Could this be why it isn’t as popular anymore?

As I’m currently in University taking New Media, we only use Adobe CS3 for design classes.  It wasn’t until a few days ago , while talking to a fellow graphic designer, did I even remember the programs existence. “What ever happened to that?”  This could very well be because of my own neglect, but do you blame me?  The hype is always about Photoshop and Illustrator

goodcorel_x4With X4, it has similar features that the new CS4 has.  It features bitmap-to-vector conversion, vector illustration, photo editing, and so on, which are also featured in CS4.  One new feature that CS4 includes, that surprisingly is also included in X4 that my fellow blogger Rod would be especially fond of, is the raw camera file support. 

So with CorelDRAW’s competitive features, why aren’t more people using the program?  Why isn’t it just as popular as Adobe?  If anyone has any comments or answers to this topic, i would be very interested to hear what you have to say.




5 Responses to “What Ever Happened to CorelDraw?”

  1. I’m not sure, but I have a hunch it might have to with spreading themselves too thin by purchasing companies that didn’t sell products in line with their own. Do you remember Corel WordPerfect?

  2. Shannon O'Grady said

    Who doesn’t remember WordPerfect, it’s actually still out there. I had it as a pre-installed package on an HP PC a few years back.

    I think Corel just doesn’t know how to market themselves to compete with Adobe, perhaps they have industry insiders that push their products behind the scenes to stay in business?

  3. Matt Harbottle said

    I think you’re both right. I used to use WordPerfect to write papers all the time. I just thought it was funny that one day they’re huge, and the next they’re non-existent.

  4. René Jansen said

    Here in my country (the Netherlands)there are only a very few professional printers who use CorelDRAW. In the first place is the Mac the most used platform among designers (there is no CorelDRAW for the Mac)and the output from Draw isn’t always predictable (EPS and PDF). The Adobe Suite is more complete than de Corel Suite. In the eyes of professional designers the Corel Suite is unfortunately something more for amateurs. I use the corel suite very often, but when I have to work for a client I use Indesign. My daughter study’s ‘product design’ on an art school. There are only apple machines in the school with the adobe suite. I’m afraid Corel is losing the race with Adobe.

  5. Peaceful Warrior said

    I seem to remember version 8 bundled with a 3d program. Does anybody else remember this feature of version 8?

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