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Fallout 3: Update 3

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on November 6, 2008

Slightly less broken

Slightly less broken

It’s out ladies and gentlemen!  The first in what will undoubtedly be a series of patches for Fallout 3 has come out.

Click here to go to Bethesda’s offical release and DL it if you need it, then come back!

Ok, now that you’re back if you ever left at all, lets do a run down of the patch!  You can find the official release notes here but the gist of it is this:

The game play isn’t fixed, and most of the bugs are untouched.  If you had issues closing and opening the game window those should be fixed, but that’s about it.

Patch seems a little useless for you?  Try the following, if you haven’t already.

  1. Defrag your hard drive.  Do a virus scan while you’re at it.
  2. Install/ Reinstall the game
  3. Turn background programs off to free up memory, try doing this from the Task Manger (ALT+CTRL+DEL) to get some of the ones that are hiding.
  4. Open the game.
  5. Map the controls to your liking.
  6. Adjust your settings, try turning everything down and off that you can.  Especially Anti-aliasing, that sucker can really slow you down.

I’ll keep you apprised of anything new I hear that might actually solve some ingame crashes for those with real issues.


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