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Wii Sports

Posted by 1forfun on November 15, 2008

I have the good fortune to be spending this weekend with my grandparents, so this weeks post is unfortunately going to be bare bones, not because I don’t have the time (everyone is already in bed) but because I have to write this on my grandma’s computer, and it’s frustrating when it can’t keep up and I’m always afraid that I’m going to crash it.

On the technological up side however, I did get to play Wii sports tonight. My general impression from the people I spoke with during Bingo was that everyone was enjoying the games, particularly the bowling. Even those who are physically unable to take part enjoy watching everyone else learn to control the Wii-motes and the concept behind the split screen. My grandma laughed quite hard when I couldn’t correct my left hook in bowling. This incidentally is another bonus, it’s a great way to distract grandchildren when they come to visit…

As for the games themselves, there are 5 to choose from, tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. Due to time restraints I only got to try out tennis, bowling and boxing. There isn’t much to say about tennis, since my granny had a bit of trouble returning the ball, but I found the game somewhat frustrating anyways. It was difficult to figure out where the area was in which the racket would connect with the ball, and even once I did manage to hit the ball, there was really no telling where I had sent it flying off to. I would definitely give the game another chance, but overall I wasn’t impressed by first impressions.

Bowling by far seems to be the favourite game among the residents here, and it is certainly good. Though I found the constant right hook frustrating, game play was very similar to what actually happens when I go bowling (yes I actually have a bad right hook). The range of motions available in positioning my Mii to correct this problem was also pleasing. Aside from simply being able to move my Mii side to side, I can also rotate the direction in which it will toss the ball, so though my granny beat me by alot in the first three or four games, by the fifth and sixth games i had worked out a system for correcting the hook, which worked quite nicely.

Finally was the boxing. I played this one solo since there was only one nun chuck available. I really enjoyed the boxing, though I found the controls a little slow. I would punch in rapid succession, but my Mii wouldn’t be able to keep up with my motions. It was still relatively simple to connect with my opponents face or torso and though I couldn’t explain exactly why I really enjoyed trying to knock out the opposing Mii. Anger issues possibly?

Overall I think this is great for the residents here, and I know that they enjoy it, because it’s becoming a popular option on card nights, even replacing bingo night last week. An impressive start.



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