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Living in a Dream

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on November 17, 2008

Sweet, cute and moving this game will melt your heart

Sweet, cute and moving this game will melt your heart

I’ve finally managed to come up for air!  Temproarily anyway.  My room is bathed in the scent of geek, my clothing hasn’t been changed in 3 days, nor have I showered since I rented this game.

And it’s all been worth it.

Eternal Sonata originally hit the XBOX 360 in 2007 as one of the first RPG’s for the system.  It recieved HUGE success and was eventually re-released for the PS3 with some extra content.  I don’t own an XBOX 360 so I’ve patiently waited for Eternal Sonata to drop and when it finally did… I was broke.  So I waited patiently again and went and rented it this weekend.

I’ll give you all a review when I’ve finished more of the game (right now I haven’t seen enough of the PS3 only content to make a call on it) but I felt I should explain my absence over the past few days.

What I can say is that so far this is one of the best RPG’s I’ve ever played and it makes my Top 10 for sure.  The story is beautiful and deep, the characters are compelling and CUTE, and the combat is BRILLIANT.  I’ve been playing this mostly two player (yes, an RPG that can have up to 3 players) with my roomate and we’ve both concluded that this is one of the best combat systems we’ve ever played.

Anyway, I’ll get to a review of this later.  Until then I’ll try to remember to shower and such between battles.


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