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Guiding Light

Posted by 1forfun on December 4, 2008

I’ve spent the better part of these last three months talking about my favourite video games, and now I’d like to share my dirty little secret for when I get frustrated, which invariably happens. The secret is game guides. In the general sense this applies to any sort of game aids, though they originated as actual magazines. The information that can be found on games now ranges from hints and tips to cheat codes and glitches to full blown walkthroughs, most of which are available freely on the internet.

There is certainly some dispute as to whether or not one should use game guides, some feel that you are essentiallycheating yourself out of the challenge and experience of the game. I can appreciate this point of view, but I also have very little patience on occasion.

I really never found the vague hints and tips exceptionally helpful, since they usually don’t apply to what’s bothering me at that particular moment. I know however that when I’m trying to not feel quite so much like I’m cheating, the hints are helpful however if I haven’t specifically got something that’s bothering me, though sometimes they give away plot lines.

The cheat codes and glitches are another bad sign for the game. I am especially bad for using these in games such as Grand Theft Auto, though it’s usually a sign that I’m already bored with the game. Invincibility and unlimited money are the game’s last leg.

Admittedly the walkthroughs are my favourite, because they have all the help I might concceivably need. I don’t often use the walkthrough for the entire game, it is nice when I get stuck. The walkthroughs come in two varieties. Usually I use the written walthroughs such as this one. However it recently came to my attention that game walkthroughs also come in video form, I find that a bit excessive…


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