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World of Warcraft in Popular Culture?

Posted by Susan on December 1, 2008

Marge Simpson Playing Earthland Realms

Marge Simpson Playing Earthland Realms

The time has come – With these posts coming to an end, I thought I would share how mainstream WoW has become in popular culture.

Aside from the internet, the other vice that people seem to be addicted to is television. Personally, I find pretty much all I want online, so my television sits and collects dust. But that is beside the point. Last season two major network television shows aired parodies of the World of Warcraft player.

Warcraft and The Simpsons

Marge has played it – Will you? The Simpsons aired an episode in which Marge begins her foray into the Internet and plays a game called “Earthland Realms”. She creates her character in her image (don’t expect to see that in WoW cause most of the girl players are actually male, or so its been said).  Its pretty funny cause she begins to learn how to interact with the other players like Apu, a vendor in the city, Moe, and Chief Wiggam. The episode is relatively clever, with a slight understanding that is actually WoW they are trying to depict. Others say that it is a mocking of Everquest, another MMORPG, the similarities are interesting, and there is a slight joke that while others go outside to enjoy the world, Marge decides to stay inside and play the game – feeding into her own new addiction. I will not divulge the episode, you should watch it for yourself online at

Warcraft and South Park

Well, Blizzard actually gave the writers of South Park authority to write their episode, and allowed them to actually use the game on their show. The characters

South Park Episode Make Love Not Warcraft

South Park Episode "Make Love Not Warcraft"

of South Park make actual players, and are attempting to defeat a superpowered player, who threatens the game itself. Its actually very humorous to watch this unravel, and a little discusting since the boys become what people seem to think are the stereotypic WoW player – you know, the troll that lives in the basement and sits infront of his/her computer all night. This one is a cult phenomenon for the WoW player, the detail to the game is amazing, and since Blizzard gave rights to it, makes is authentic. There is even a picture of Azeroth in the background, and the boys party up like a real group. Yes, WoW players actually do that, we bring PCs over and all play in the same room. It actually makes for a fun night! The small things in this episode make it cool – However, the animation in the episode is modified from the gameplay of World of Warcraft, and contains elements that do not exist in the game: talking animations, controlled NPCs, Humans in the Hunter character class, the ability for a player to kill another without restrictions, and increased gore. But other than that – Totally Cool. Check it out at:


Warcraft Commercials

I will admit it, I started playing WoW – from a commercial. But not just any commercial, I saw it from a clip of a cult classic movie – Office Space. The commercial got me so intrigued that I was like – wow, I can try this for free? Why not give it a shot! So I started playing, and actually come to think of it – that was 2 years ago today! Yup, thats right my little Druid is 2 years old. Anyway, I am heddging bets that most of you, if you watch any cable television, have seen a WoW commercial – and man they have some cool ones now – With people like William Shatner, Ozzy Osbourne, Verne Troyer, Mr T., Jean Claude Van Damme, Steve Van Sandt, and Vic Mignogna – I think that the cult base is growing. Now, I know that these are commercials designed to promote the game – but come on, we have Coke commercials with WoW in them and Toyota Tacoma commercials with WoW in them. World of Warcraft is a cult phenomenon with millions of players and its growing everyday! Ok, wanna see those commercials? So Do I – So I will post em all!



 Mr T’s World of Warcraft Commercial

 William Shatner’s World of Warcraft Commercial

Verne Troyer (Mini-me) World of Warcraft Commercial

Ozzy Osbourne- World of Warcraft Commercial TV Ad

Steve Van Sandt (Silvio) World of Warcraft Commercial TV Ad


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World of Warcraft Pre-Expansion Problems

Posted by Susan on November 12, 2008

Blizzard Continues to Have Problems Pre-Launch

After all the waiting yesterday, all the patience until 3am, and what does Blizzard do for the gamers that keep them in business – NOTHING.

My level 70 Night Elf Druid Aarowen

My level 70 Night Elf Druid Aarowen

So, Wrath of the Lich King is gonna be in my hands in less than 12 hours and my thinking at this point is – so what? In the past 24 hours I have barely been able to play, because Blizzard has had the servers down because of a “mail system issue”. Then I finally get on and think that Blizzard is trying to be nice for all the lost game time by providing us with free epic pvp gear – but no, I log in this morning and find that it is just a glitch!! Grrr.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, and I will be getting the expansion at midnight tonight. I just am wondering if its worth it to stand outside in the cold for hours, to get a game that will most likely have serious problems for the first 2 weeks of its launch.

It seems to me that Blizzard has been pushing this launch so fast; and maybe its due to some loss of gamers to warhammer – but that loss is so small – the game is still “home” to many individuals – at lastest count about 8 million subscribers – so why push a launch so quickly and run the risk of major problems?

I guess that we will have to keep the faith with Blizzard and their team that they know what they are doing – I just hope that a lot of home bodied gamers are not dissapointed. We don’t like to have to go outside in the sunlight, it ravages out poor pale skin. LOL

I will be sure to post as soon as I have the expansion up and running!

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Is Blizzard Ready For This Expansion?

Posted by Susan on November 12, 2008

Ok! I am totally frusterated!

The World of Warcraft Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King, is less than 24 hours away, and everyone is stoked and totally excited about its launch – however, today blizzard has had all the servers down ALL DAY!

The reason? Something wrong with the in-game mail system. Personally, I am a little skeptical. Many forum pages have individuals claiming that they have already purchased their copy of the expansion, and I wonder if maybe, this was blizzard’s attempt to keep those individuals from playing before the rest of us get to.

I think that is one of the biggest thing about this expansion, it is not suppose to be revealed until tomorrow at midnight – well tonight at midnight. But to hear that individuals in the states have already received their copies….and purchased at a 7-11? Its frustrating considering I pre-ordered my copy months ago.

7-11 purchased game

7-11 purchased game

It seems the Blizzard is trying to make up for the problems associated with the Expansion – not only for the massive delays in the latest patch, to which gameplay was stopped for a day, but also for todays disruption. People have noticed that there are 3 free days of gameplay added to their accounts, and today, free epic gear was made available to individuals from in-game vendors. However, it is not clear if the gear is a bug in the game or something of a peace token from Blizzard – who knows that there were a lot of very irratated gamers today. The forums online exploded, so much so that Blizzard actually shut down their forum page – most likely due to the massive influx of individuals wanting to vent their frusterations about not being able to play – again for the second time this month.

With all these glitches before the Expansion it makes me wonder – how prepared is Blizzard for this expansion? And what further problems can we expect once everyone has it? There are already whispers from the beta testers that there are loading problems with the expansion – I guess I will find out tomorrow.

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World of Warcraft Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King hitting stores THURSDAY!!

Posted by Susan on November 11, 2008

Well the time has come, this week is huge for all us World of Warcraft gamers…

The Wrath of the Lich King

The Wrath of the Lich King has come! This expansion is Blizzard’s newest update to the World of Warcraft MMORPG.This expansion is probably a WoW players wet dream, with new professions, a new level cap, new zones, new arenas, and many other new things to discover, the game will be revitalized, and infused with more things for players to accomplish – so lets go over these new features:

The Death Knight

Well Blizzard is starting this expansion with the all new hero class called the Death Knight. Death Knights will be able to be created by players who have obtained a level 55+ on a server. There are rules to this class however, in that only those individuals with characters of that level will be able to make a Death Knight, and furthermore there is only One Death Knight to be made per realm (server). So far as the information has been filtered in, this is what we know about this class; there will be three categories of talents, Blood, Frost and Unholy. Blood refers to melee spells, weapons and health regeneration. Frost refers to controlling elements with high critical strike ratings and bonus damage. Unholy has heavy focus on diseases, minions, and AoE abilities. There are many new features of the Death Knight: I will highlight some here, found from sources all over the web – the point here is to give you the most information on the expansion as possible.

A Blood Elf Death Knight

Death Knights will have several features to make them stand out from the basic individuals of each race:

  • Voice emotes will be remodulated to sound more “evil”
  • Player characters will have glowing blue eyes
  • Skin choices that give the appearance of undeath
  • Unique character loading screen showing the character standing atop a frozen necropolis (shown in graphic.)

The Rune System

The resource mechanics for death knights are runes and runic power. A skilled death knight makes efficient, timely use of runes and runic power to maximize his or her damage-dealing or tanking abilities.

  • Runes: Every death knight ability requires runes, which come in three varieties: blood, frost, and unholy. Depending on the ability, it may require runes of a single type or a combination of types. When a rune is used, it has a cooldown period before it can be used again. Death knights can customize which array of six runes to have available at a given time, which can aid their ability to perform certain roles. For example, a tanking death knight may wish to load his or her rune array with more Frost runes.
  • Runic Power: As rune abilities are used, the death knight also generates another resource called runic power. The death knight has certain abilities that consume all available runic power, with varying levels of effectiveness based on total runic power spent. Similar to a warrior’s rage, runic power decays over time if not spent.

Death Knights are only part of the excitement associated with the upcoming expansion, and unfortunately Blizzard is trying to keep a lot about them underwraps – most sites are dismantled as quickly as they are put up, especially video. But here is the intro to the class that I found on youtube – very interesting, and goes into a very small amount of Lore behind the death knight class, and who the Lich King is.


Another exciting aspect about the expansion is the creation of a new zone: Northrend. This area will allow not only the opening questing for the death knight class, but also the levelling for those level 70 to advance to level 80, the new level cap of the World of Warcraft. The new zone will contain, destructible elements, new quests, new zones, new battlegrounds, and arenas for players to discover and enjoy. The major advance in this element of the expansion is the ability to destroy environments, an ability and interaction with the environment not seen to this amount of detail in the game thus far. I personally cannot wait to see what characters will be able to accomplish in this new zone, and to what extent this destruction may entail.

New Level Cap 1-80

Well if you thought that levelling from 1 – 70 was hard enough, be prepared for even more! Although players may choose to roll a new Death Knight, they may also choose to level present characters to the new level cap of 80! Since the last expansion, many players have reached end game content, and as such blizzard wants to keep you coming back for more, so, why not make you push your player to 80! With the advent of new levels comes the more powerful spells and abilities that your character will learn, eventually reaching the new end game content and facing the Lich King himself.

New Profession: Inscription

This profession is already live in the game, with the advent of the latest patch from blizzard.

And boy might I add that sucker was a doozy to download! This profession allows characters to gain more powerful abilities through scrolls that may be added to their character. It will has two aspects: augmentation of abilities and spells with the creation of a new type of item (“scrolls”, for example, from ink, parchment and other reagents). Every player will get a new spell book page to which they can add up to six glyphs — currently ranging from one major and one minor at level 15 to three major and three minor at level 80.These make your character a little more powerful. I have noticed a great increase to my level 70 druid’s abilities since attaching them.

Make your character a little more powerful by adding a glyph – just purchase/make and travel to your nearest Lexicon of Power, found in most major cities in Azeroth!

Well, that is just a small portion of what we can expect to see in the latest expansion of Blizzard’s #1 game! And trust me there will be much to discuss, not only about the gameplay itself, but also the impact of the expansion on gamers, in weeks to come. Stay tuned, as this thursday – we all will have the chance to discover Northrend together.

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World of Warcraft and Relationships

Posted by Susan on November 3, 2008

I found something interesting that happened this weekend. My boyfriend runs a guild on my server, and of course I am a member in it. With Halloween this weekend, the guild decided to have a costume contest, and me and my boyfriend participated. Unfortunately half way through the event we got into a spat. Not about anything in the real world, but that I didn’t like how he was handling the voting of the costumes. I thought there was a much easier way to accomplish the task, and he didn’t agree. For me, this was very frusterating, cause, i worked hard on my costume and well, there was a prize of 60 gold.  The fact of the matter is, it made me wonder… many people online play with significant others, friends, or family… How does WoW impact the social relationships with those people in real life?

I found this comic online: I do warn that it does have a bad word in it, so look at your own risk.

The point of the comic is simple; woman loves man who plays world of warcraft, and for the sake of the relationship, joins in – ultimately becoming addicted as well. The problem is, that as two people become better at it, they also critize and frusterate each other, especially if they play together.

I thought about this as I played, and i thought that it would be a good idea to ask those playing the game what they thought about how these relationships are effected by WoW.

Those that I asked informed me that the major cause of tension between them and their significant other was the jealousy issue. They didn’t enjoy the fact that their partner was spending time online with someone else. I have seen people leave their partners for someone they met in game.

Not only is there a jealousy issue but also the issue with neglect. Recently I found a post on youtube from a tyra banks show, where an irritated spouse confessed that her husband plays WoW too much, so much that he left her in labour to play WoW.

Here is the link to that clip:

Now, It seems that I have focused on the negative impact that WoW plays on relationships. However it does have some benefits. Personally it gives me and my boyfriend something to discuss, to debate, and to get excited about. It actually is something we share in common and bonds us together. Furthermore, there have been many cases, to which Blizzard exclaims that people have found their life partners in the game, and even more crazy to the non-player, people actually have online weddings in game.

Well, with that said, its time for my boyfriend to help me level… For the Horde!

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