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Posted by 1forfun on December 4, 2008

I’ve spent the better part of these last three months talking about my favourite video games, and now I’d like to share my dirty little secret for when I get frustrated, which invariably happens. The secret is game guides. In the general sense this applies to any sort of game aids, though they originated as actual magazines. The information that can be found on games now ranges from hints and tips to cheat codes and glitches to full blown walkthroughs, most of which are available freely on the internet.

There is certainly some dispute as to whether or not one should use game guides, some feel that you are essentiallycheating yourself out of the challenge and experience of the game. I can appreciate this point of view, but I also have very little patience on occasion.

I really never found the vague hints and tips exceptionally helpful, since they usually don’t apply to what’s bothering me at that particular moment. I know however that when I’m trying to not feel quite so much like I’m cheating, the hints are helpful however if I haven’t specifically got something that’s bothering me, though sometimes they give away plot lines.

The cheat codes and glitches are another bad sign for the game. I am especially bad for using these in games such as Grand Theft Auto, though it’s usually a sign that I’m already bored with the game. Invincibility and unlimited money are the game’s last leg.

Admittedly the walkthroughs are my favourite, because they have all the help I might concceivably need. I don’t often use the walkthrough for the entire game, it is nice when I get stuck. The walkthroughs come in two varieties. Usually I use the written walthroughs such as this one. However it recently came to my attention that game walkthroughs also come in video form, I find that a bit excessive…


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How to Make Mistakes on Purpose was Successful

Posted by Matt Harbottle on December 3, 2008

When considering all aspects of graphic design, there are a lot of do’s and don’ts that go along with it.  There are tons of rules and guidelines that an artist should follow to create a successful, structured composition, that will please the viewer.  Apparently that isn’t always the case, according to Laurie Rosenwald.

Laurie is a successful artist, who’s areas of expertise include drawing, graphic design, and typography.  She is also a published author and has taught graphic design at School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design, NYU, and Pratt Institute.  She tours the world, teaching a workshop called “How to Make Mistakes on Purpose.”

Rosenwald can be seen as an open-minded, “crazy” artist who is successful at what she does, with a no holds barred attitude, that stirs attention from all around the world.  Her philosophy being, “If you try very hard to create a good thing it will probably be bad.”  So on that note, she tries to promote that an artist should try to make mistakes… on purpose.  Not quite following?  Me either.

I’ve decided to give her crazy antics some consideration and attend her workshop that will be held in Banff, Alberta, on November 20-23.  I’m curious to see how she will lay out the processes of purposely making mistakes.  She emphasizes that anyone can attend and it’s not just for designers.  This is where it begins to worry me.

I hope to not waste a whole weekend of my life to listen to someone tell me how to get into my spiritual mindset and to let go of what I thought I knew about design.  Unfortunately for us skeptics, the outline of the workshop does not exist, for the content “MUST be a SURPRISE.”  Once again, getting worried, but I will still give it a try.

For anyone interested in attending the workshop, visit Laurie’s website for dates.





My apologies to Laurie.  Apparently the workshop in November was a complete success.  Unable to attend myself, I heard nothing but good things.  My previous post above, which I had originally posted in October, may have come off as detouring to some readers.  I really wish I could have attended, but due to school and work, this wasn’t possible.

The activities included in the workshop were as wacky and unusual as I had anticipated.  Unable to discuss what had all taken place at the workshop, my fellow artists from school that did attend, simple commented that, “it was weird.”  One could only imagine what really did take place that weekend.  Looking at this picture that was taken from the workshop… who knows?  




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World of Warcraft in Popular Culture?

Posted by Susan on December 1, 2008

Marge Simpson Playing Earthland Realms

Marge Simpson Playing Earthland Realms

The time has come – With these posts coming to an end, I thought I would share how mainstream WoW has become in popular culture.

Aside from the internet, the other vice that people seem to be addicted to is television. Personally, I find pretty much all I want online, so my television sits and collects dust. But that is beside the point. Last season two major network television shows aired parodies of the World of Warcraft player.

Warcraft and The Simpsons

Marge has played it – Will you? The Simpsons aired an episode in which Marge begins her foray into the Internet and plays a game called “Earthland Realms”. She creates her character in her image (don’t expect to see that in WoW cause most of the girl players are actually male, or so its been said).  Its pretty funny cause she begins to learn how to interact with the other players like Apu, a vendor in the city, Moe, and Chief Wiggam. The episode is relatively clever, with a slight understanding that is actually WoW they are trying to depict. Others say that it is a mocking of Everquest, another MMORPG, the similarities are interesting, and there is a slight joke that while others go outside to enjoy the world, Marge decides to stay inside and play the game – feeding into her own new addiction. I will not divulge the episode, you should watch it for yourself online at

Warcraft and South Park

Well, Blizzard actually gave the writers of South Park authority to write their episode, and allowed them to actually use the game on their show. The characters

South Park Episode Make Love Not Warcraft

South Park Episode "Make Love Not Warcraft"

of South Park make actual players, and are attempting to defeat a superpowered player, who threatens the game itself. Its actually very humorous to watch this unravel, and a little discusting since the boys become what people seem to think are the stereotypic WoW player – you know, the troll that lives in the basement and sits infront of his/her computer all night. This one is a cult phenomenon for the WoW player, the detail to the game is amazing, and since Blizzard gave rights to it, makes is authentic. There is even a picture of Azeroth in the background, and the boys party up like a real group. Yes, WoW players actually do that, we bring PCs over and all play in the same room. It actually makes for a fun night! The small things in this episode make it cool – However, the animation in the episode is modified from the gameplay of World of Warcraft, and contains elements that do not exist in the game: talking animations, controlled NPCs, Humans in the Hunter character class, the ability for a player to kill another without restrictions, and increased gore. But other than that – Totally Cool. Check it out at:


Warcraft Commercials

I will admit it, I started playing WoW – from a commercial. But not just any commercial, I saw it from a clip of a cult classic movie – Office Space. The commercial got me so intrigued that I was like – wow, I can try this for free? Why not give it a shot! So I started playing, and actually come to think of it – that was 2 years ago today! Yup, thats right my little Druid is 2 years old. Anyway, I am heddging bets that most of you, if you watch any cable television, have seen a WoW commercial – and man they have some cool ones now – With people like William Shatner, Ozzy Osbourne, Verne Troyer, Mr T., Jean Claude Van Damme, Steve Van Sandt, and Vic Mignogna – I think that the cult base is growing. Now, I know that these are commercials designed to promote the game – but come on, we have Coke commercials with WoW in them and Toyota Tacoma commercials with WoW in them. World of Warcraft is a cult phenomenon with millions of players and its growing everyday! Ok, wanna see those commercials? So Do I – So I will post em all!



 Mr T’s World of Warcraft Commercial

 William Shatner’s World of Warcraft Commercial

Verne Troyer (Mini-me) World of Warcraft Commercial

Ozzy Osbourne- World of Warcraft Commercial TV Ad

Steve Van Sandt (Silvio) World of Warcraft Commercial TV Ad

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Dreams do come true!

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on November 29, 2008

So I got this link sent to me and I felt I had to share.  I’m a fan of fighting games.  Have been for years.  I’ll admit that I’ve done my own poor impression of the famous lines from these games, shouting my share of “Hadoken!” and “Spinning Bird Kick” as well as “Get Over Here” and of course, “FINISH HIM!”  So imagine how happy I got when I saw this sound board featuring the voice of death, the ring announcer from Mortal Kombat.  And now I pass it on to you!  Enjoy!

Update: The embed code doesn’t seem to want to work so here’s the link!  MK Soundboard

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You’ll never believe this…

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on November 29, 2008

They Rick-Rolled the Macy’s Day Parade!  XD  That’s right, the internet trend of sending your friend a covert link to a YouTube video of Rick Astley sing Never Gonna Give You Up has been translated to real life when the entire viewing audience was Rick-Rolled as Astley appeared on the Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends float.  If there ever was proof that the internet is universally pervasive this is it!

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