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World of Warcraft and Relationships

Posted by Susan on November 3, 2008

I found something interesting that happened this weekend. My boyfriend runs a guild on my server, and of course I am a member in it. With Halloween this weekend, the guild decided to have a costume contest, and me and my boyfriend participated. Unfortunately half way through the event we got into a spat. Not about anything in the real world, but that I didn’t like how he was handling the voting of the costumes. I thought there was a much easier way to accomplish the task, and he didn’t agree. For me, this was very frusterating, cause, i worked hard on my costume and well, there was a prize of 60 gold.  The fact of the matter is, it made me wonder… many people online play with significant others, friends, or family… How does WoW impact the social relationships with those people in real life?

I found this comic online: I do warn that it does have a bad word in it, so look at your own risk.

The point of the comic is simple; woman loves man who plays world of warcraft, and for the sake of the relationship, joins in – ultimately becoming addicted as well. The problem is, that as two people become better at it, they also critize and frusterate each other, especially if they play together.

I thought about this as I played, and i thought that it would be a good idea to ask those playing the game what they thought about how these relationships are effected by WoW.

Those that I asked informed me that the major cause of tension between them and their significant other was the jealousy issue. They didn’t enjoy the fact that their partner was spending time online with someone else. I have seen people leave their partners for someone they met in game.

Not only is there a jealousy issue but also the issue with neglect. Recently I found a post on youtube from a tyra banks show, where an irritated spouse confessed that her husband plays WoW too much, so much that he left her in labour to play WoW.

Here is the link to that clip:

Now, It seems that I have focused on the negative impact that WoW plays on relationships. However it does have some benefits. Personally it gives me and my boyfriend something to discuss, to debate, and to get excited about. It actually is something we share in common and bonds us together. Furthermore, there have been many cases, to which Blizzard exclaims that people have found their life partners in the game, and even more crazy to the non-player, people actually have online weddings in game.

Well, with that said, its time for my boyfriend to help me level… For the Horde!


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