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World of Warcraft: Lich King Released – The New Addiction

Posted by Susan on November 17, 2008

What can I say? The Expansion is out and we are all busy playing. I will say that I am suprised to see how many people were scouring the net for information on what to expect as the expansion approached. It seemed like this blog exploded with views the night before. But thats to be expected, we all want to know what happens, what to expect, and how to plan our time.

I think thats what scares me, with all this new content, all this stuff to accomplish and do, I think that I, among many other gamers, will feel like there is so much, that sleep will be somewhat of a commodity. I myself am already feeling that addiction kick in again like when I first started wow. That feeling like it is the only thing to do, hell its 3 am and I am playing as we speak. Its just crazy.

It makes me wonder, do we have addictive personalities? or is the game just addictive? I am not sure if that makes sense, but its 3am, cut me some slack, I am open to opinions and thoughts… Goodnight gamers! GAME ON!


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World of Warcraft Pre-Expansion Problems

Posted by Susan on November 12, 2008

Blizzard Continues to Have Problems Pre-Launch

After all the waiting yesterday, all the patience until 3am, and what does Blizzard do for the gamers that keep them in business – NOTHING.

My level 70 Night Elf Druid Aarowen

My level 70 Night Elf Druid Aarowen

So, Wrath of the Lich King is gonna be in my hands in less than 12 hours and my thinking at this point is – so what? In the past 24 hours I have barely been able to play, because Blizzard has had the servers down because of a “mail system issue”. Then I finally get on and think that Blizzard is trying to be nice for all the lost game time by providing us with free epic pvp gear – but no, I log in this morning and find that it is just a glitch!! Grrr.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, and I will be getting the expansion at midnight tonight. I just am wondering if its worth it to stand outside in the cold for hours, to get a game that will most likely have serious problems for the first 2 weeks of its launch.

It seems to me that Blizzard has been pushing this launch so fast; and maybe its due to some loss of gamers to warhammer – but that loss is so small – the game is still “home” to many individuals – at lastest count about 8 million subscribers – so why push a launch so quickly and run the risk of major problems?

I guess that we will have to keep the faith with Blizzard and their team that they know what they are doing – I just hope that a lot of home bodied gamers are not dissapointed. We don’t like to have to go outside in the sunlight, it ravages out poor pale skin. LOL

I will be sure to post as soon as I have the expansion up and running!

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Is Blizzard Ready For This Expansion?

Posted by Susan on November 12, 2008

Ok! I am totally frusterated!

The World of Warcraft Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King, is less than 24 hours away, and everyone is stoked and totally excited about its launch – however, today blizzard has had all the servers down ALL DAY!

The reason? Something wrong with the in-game mail system. Personally, I am a little skeptical. Many forum pages have individuals claiming that they have already purchased their copy of the expansion, and I wonder if maybe, this was blizzard’s attempt to keep those individuals from playing before the rest of us get to.

I think that is one of the biggest thing about this expansion, it is not suppose to be revealed until tomorrow at midnight – well tonight at midnight. But to hear that individuals in the states have already received their copies….and purchased at a 7-11? Its frustrating considering I pre-ordered my copy months ago.

7-11 purchased game

7-11 purchased game

It seems the Blizzard is trying to make up for the problems associated with the Expansion – not only for the massive delays in the latest patch, to which gameplay was stopped for a day, but also for todays disruption. People have noticed that there are 3 free days of gameplay added to their accounts, and today, free epic gear was made available to individuals from in-game vendors. However, it is not clear if the gear is a bug in the game or something of a peace token from Blizzard – who knows that there were a lot of very irratated gamers today. The forums online exploded, so much so that Blizzard actually shut down their forum page – most likely due to the massive influx of individuals wanting to vent their frusterations about not being able to play – again for the second time this month.

With all these glitches before the Expansion it makes me wonder – how prepared is Blizzard for this expansion? And what further problems can we expect once everyone has it? There are already whispers from the beta testers that there are loading problems with the expansion – I guess I will find out tomorrow.

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