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Barack Obama Art Movement

Posted by Matt Harbottle on November 19, 2008

As we know, President-Elect Barack Obama will be stepping into office in January 2009.  He is now known as the “wired” president, but did you know he’s an art movement as well?  Most artwork produced that revolves around Barack himself came out during the pre-election period as people wanted to show their support, at the same time promoting him.  But since he has won the election, the “Barack art” keeps on coming.obama-art-22

The Artworks come in all different mediums, but it seems that a lot of the pieces distributed online tend to be from digital art forms.  Coincidence that Barack being “wired” would fuel these digital works?  Probably not, but to me I think it’s an interesting concept.  Why now?  Why didn’t art movements take off before when other American elections were taking place?  Maybe the idea of being “wired” to the youths of the world relates to being “cool” and in touch with what’s really going on.  After all the old, out-of-date presidents prior, why wouldn’t they want to promote and idolize a guy like Barack by creating artworks of him.

obama-21As it stands right now, everything Barack touches turns to gold.  Barack art is selling like there’s no tomorrow.  As many sites online are out to make a buck  by selling these artworks, I would hope that most artists would be doing it just for the sake of showing their appreciation and support.  On the other hand, if the opportunity arose to make some money at it, I’m not sure if I could really blame the artists who make a few dollars at it.  After all, the world has gone “Obama Crazy.”

Hundreds of sites have been popping up that showcase “Barak art,” even sites like the Obama Art report that are specifically dedicated to the art movement.  Another site, Design for Obama, is a free site that shows how graphic designers best support Barack obama. 


So maybe this gave Barack a slight advantage over John McCain’s campaign.  Having attractive, well designed shirts and clothing that McCain seemed to lack.

Not only did the movement take-off online, exhibitions have sprouted all around the world as well.  One American exhibition can be seen here, and another I found interseting is this gallery all the way in Paris, France.



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Adobe CS4 Release Date Announced

Posted by Matt Harbottle on October 1, 2008

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced early on September 23, 2008, that the estimated release date of the Creative Suite 4 Has been set.  Creative Suite 4 (CS4), is targeting a release date for October 15, 2008.  This being Adobe’s biggest software release to date, it offers tons of new features that should catch the attention of most designers and developers worldwide.

Besides all the new features incorporated in the suite, the integration between the programs has improved further than before.  A designer can keep image and graphic integrity while moving between Photoshop and Illustrator, or move easily between After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Adobe Encore without rendering.  With this just scratching the surface, the rest of the programs within CS4 offer improved integration as well.

The new features on CS4 are too long to list , but I would like to mention a few of them that caught my attention.  First off, in the Photoshop CS4 features, they now offer content-aware scaling. Even though it seems like quite the cheat, it can be a helpful tool for designers and photographers.

Another new Feature within Photoshop CS4 is the 3D painting and composting.  This allows the user to paint directly on a 3D object.  The user can rotate the object and camera angle on the X, Y, and Z axis to a desired position.  Once the object is in place, all Photoshop tools are available to manipulate the object.  The Photoshop CS4 Extended Tour is available on the Adobe website.

The last I would like to mention is the Illustrator CS4 features, in particular the new multiple artboard feature.  A user can can create mutiple pages, varying in size, within one Illustrator file.  The Illustrator CS4 Feature Tour can also be viewed on the Adobe website.

The pre-order prices for the Creative Suite 4 range from US$999 to US$2,499, whereas the upgrade option ranges from US$399 to US$899.  Two weeks to go and I for one am starting to get excited to try out the CS4.


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