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World of Warcraft Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King hitting stores THURSDAY!!

Posted by Susan on November 11, 2008

Well the time has come, this week is huge for all us World of Warcraft gamers…

The Wrath of the Lich King

The Wrath of the Lich King has come! This expansion is Blizzard’s newest update to the World of Warcraft MMORPG.This expansion is probably a WoW players wet dream, with new professions, a new level cap, new zones, new arenas, and many other new things to discover, the game will be revitalized, and infused with more things for players to accomplish – so lets go over these new features:

The Death Knight

Well Blizzard is starting this expansion with the all new hero class called the Death Knight. Death Knights will be able to be created by players who have obtained a level 55+ on a server. There are rules to this class however, in that only those individuals with characters of that level will be able to make a Death Knight, and furthermore there is only One Death Knight to be made per realm (server). So far as the information has been filtered in, this is what we know about this class; there will be three categories of talents, Blood, Frost and Unholy. Blood refers to melee spells, weapons and health regeneration. Frost refers to controlling elements with high critical strike ratings and bonus damage. Unholy has heavy focus on diseases, minions, and AoE abilities. There are many new features of the Death Knight: I will highlight some here, found from sources all over the web – the point here is to give you the most information on the expansion as possible.

A Blood Elf Death Knight

Death Knights will have several features to make them stand out from the basic individuals of each race:

  • Voice emotes will be remodulated to sound more “evil”
  • Player characters will have glowing blue eyes
  • Skin choices that give the appearance of undeath
  • Unique character loading screen showing the character standing atop a frozen necropolis (shown in graphic.)

The Rune System

The resource mechanics for death knights are runes and runic power. A skilled death knight makes efficient, timely use of runes and runic power to maximize his or her damage-dealing or tanking abilities.

  • Runes: Every death knight ability requires runes, which come in three varieties: blood, frost, and unholy. Depending on the ability, it may require runes of a single type or a combination of types. When a rune is used, it has a cooldown period before it can be used again. Death knights can customize which array of six runes to have available at a given time, which can aid their ability to perform certain roles. For example, a tanking death knight may wish to load his or her rune array with more Frost runes.
  • Runic Power: As rune abilities are used, the death knight also generates another resource called runic power. The death knight has certain abilities that consume all available runic power, with varying levels of effectiveness based on total runic power spent. Similar to a warrior’s rage, runic power decays over time if not spent.

Death Knights are only part of the excitement associated with the upcoming expansion, and unfortunately Blizzard is trying to keep a lot about them underwraps – most sites are dismantled as quickly as they are put up, especially video. But here is the intro to the class that I found on youtube – very interesting, and goes into a very small amount of Lore behind the death knight class, and who the Lich King is.


Another exciting aspect about the expansion is the creation of a new zone: Northrend. This area will allow not only the opening questing for the death knight class, but also the levelling for those level 70 to advance to level 80, the new level cap of the World of Warcraft. The new zone will contain, destructible elements, new quests, new zones, new battlegrounds, and arenas for players to discover and enjoy. The major advance in this element of the expansion is the ability to destroy environments, an ability and interaction with the environment not seen to this amount of detail in the game thus far. I personally cannot wait to see what characters will be able to accomplish in this new zone, and to what extent this destruction may entail.

New Level Cap 1-80

Well if you thought that levelling from 1 – 70 was hard enough, be prepared for even more! Although players may choose to roll a new Death Knight, they may also choose to level present characters to the new level cap of 80! Since the last expansion, many players have reached end game content, and as such blizzard wants to keep you coming back for more, so, why not make you push your player to 80! With the advent of new levels comes the more powerful spells and abilities that your character will learn, eventually reaching the new end game content and facing the Lich King himself.

New Profession: Inscription

This profession is already live in the game, with the advent of the latest patch from blizzard.

And boy might I add that sucker was a doozy to download! This profession allows characters to gain more powerful abilities through scrolls that may be added to their character. It will has two aspects: augmentation of abilities and spells with the creation of a new type of item (“scrolls”, for example, from ink, parchment and other reagents). Every player will get a new spell book page to which they can add up to six glyphs — currently ranging from one major and one minor at level 15 to three major and three minor at level 80.These make your character a little more powerful. I have noticed a great increase to my level 70 druid’s abilities since attaching them.

Make your character a little more powerful by adding a glyph – just purchase/make and travel to your nearest Lexicon of Power, found in most major cities in Azeroth!

Well, that is just a small portion of what we can expect to see in the latest expansion of Blizzard’s #1 game! And trust me there will be much to discuss, not only about the gameplay itself, but also the impact of the expansion on gamers, in weeks to come. Stay tuned, as this thursday – we all will have the chance to discover Northrend together.


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