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The Beatles + Any Music Game = WIN

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on October 31, 2008

Ok, so a bit of searching and checking later and here’s the scoop:

Information Week reports that The Beatles will be working with the CREATORS of Rock Band to put thier music in a new videogame. reports that the group met with both the creators of Rock Band AND the creators of Guitar Hero to look in to putting their music in to a game.

Now given that the Fab Four don’t like to share thier music digitally (go ahead, try to finid them on iTunes, I DARE you) and have been fairly protective of thier licencing this is MAJOR.  Hopefully this is just the breaking of the dam and Beatles music will be more readily available to the younger generations.

Besides, who doesn’t want to rock out to I am the Walrus or Helter Skelter.  Or if you’re a fan of the earlier works, I Wanna Hold Your Hand.


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Samba de Amigo: A Positive review

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on October 16, 2008

Normally this is where I start talking about the social implication of some new piece of technology or internet craze, but not today!

Samba de Amigo is bright and colorfull even in the box!

May I present to you:  Shannon’s First Game Review (on this site)!

So what game am I reviewing?  Well if you happened to read the title you know that I’m reviewing Samba de Amigo and if you didn’t read the title, you should know now.  If you failed to read all of this, get out.  Seriously.

Ok now that we’re rid of any hangers on I’d like to start by saying that Samba de Amigo is not a good game.  It’s a great game!  XD  Now on to the rest!


System: Nintendo Wii

Publisher: Gearbox Software/Sega
Rating: Everyone

It's like a children's cereal mated with a box of crayons...

It's like children's cereal mated with a box of crayons...


Standard Wii graphics here.  Failry last gen, but polished and cool looking.  Character and enviornmental design suit the game perfectly with lots of bright colors and cute (sometimes gender ambigious) characters.  Backgrounds range from stages, to street parades to “floating in space” psychedelic moments.  It’s a great mix that doesn’t take away from the one screen instructions.

Sound effects:

Annoying!  Turn down your Wiimote volume on this one or you won’t be able to hear the music from the TV over the stupid noises coming out of the controls!


Gender is totally subjective with the Rio character (until you read the manual, then he's male).

Nice arrangement of music, lots of choice.  Some tracks are covers, but some are licenced.  There are a lot of remixes in this game, but they’re generally not bad and all serve the purpose of taking the original song and giving it a Samaba flair.


There are a handful of different modes to choose from but all of them use the same “flail to the beat” interface that makes you love and hate the game at the same time.  The “Dance” commands give you a heck of a work out as you wave your arms around in longer fluid motions rather than the short maraca shaking moves, and the “Pose” commands give you a break… where you can stand and look silly.

But it’s soooo much fun!

Multiplayer co-op and vs modes make it fun to play with friends.  There are two single player modes that offer a lot of pick up and play action that gets you shaking it to the beat far more than you’d care to admit to your friends.

You place the Wiimote in one and the nunchuck in the other


Yes, there are 3 ways to play this game!

1) Nunchuck and Wiimote:  This is pretty standard and aside from occasionally batting yourself with the cable between the two controllers it works very well.  If you really love this game it could be worth getting a wireless nunchuck, or you can opt for option 2.

2) Wiimote X2:  You can use two wiimotes to shake your booty without any cords in the way.  This game maxes out at two players because of this (the system can only support up to 4 wiimotes) but it really is the best way to play.

3) Maraca add ons:  Jam you nunchuck and your Wiimote in to the giant red plastic maracas and break your arms with the added weight!  These things are huge and heavy!  But they make the game a great work out and you feel like a real musician…. kinda.  I’m not sold on these things yet, but they’re cute.  I like that you can remove the beads in them if you don’t like the shaker noise, though to be honest, it’s not that loud.

Creepy Monkey...

Creepy Monkey...


I want character selection!  I do not want to play as the small creepy monkey, I want to play as the butterfly girl!

Please make more Downloadable Content!  XD


Hurray for reviving an under appreciated Dreamcast came!

Great job including Mii’s from the player’s Wii in the game backgrounds.  Super cute!


Buy it if you love rhythm games and don’t mind looking a little silly with friends.  It really is fun, despite what you think.  Put this in the closet next to you DDR mat and indulge in your secret shame!  (Or in my case, not so secret!)

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