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Posted by 1forfun on October 21, 2008

So, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I for one have been extraordinarily slow to get back into school and work. One of the pitfalls I didn’t see coming when I was thinking about blog topics was the time it would take. Not only does it involve writing(which is the least of the time spent) but I now spend increasing amounts of time at King of Trade, as well as time playing games. My roommate and I now have two versions of Spyro, and spend a considerable amount of time on both. Just prior to Thanksgiving I bought myself Luigi’s Mansion for the Game Cube. Needless to say that’s what I spent the great majority of the weekend doing. There is something very satisfying about sucking up ghosts.

I also love that this game features Luigi on a mission to save Mario, a departure from the norm.

The game begins with Luigi discovering that he has won a mansion, and he must come claim his prize. Mario was supposed to meet him there, but arrived before Luigi and was taken hostage by the ghosts inside. Luigi teams up with Professor E. Gadd’s Poltergust 3000 to suck up the specters in the  various rooms. The game is very linear, with a clearly laid out path for Luigi to follow. Every ghoul in a room must be captured before the next room is opened sort of thing.

This game is simple enough to figure out, and I’m more than half finished, my issue is related to the controls. the main control stick moves Luigi, while the C-stick controls which direction the Poltergust faces. I’ve never been one to have good coordination in that area. I’ve tried to play Halo and I alwys end up facing the completely wrong direction. This is much easier to control than Halo, but is still hindering my boss fight.

Overall though it is a very amusing game. The developers have created several different types of ghost, some elemental that require an opposing element to defeat, some portrait ghosts which you have to be sneaky enough to catch off guard, some who pop out randomly in the hallways, and of course the classic Boo, who like to play hide and seek in the furniture.

It is clearly a children’s game (rated E for Everyone) but still fun none the less, and still far more apealing than the neverending piles of homework.


Flipull is a problem solving game. There are several differently patterned blocks arranged in a square on the screen. You play as a small orange blob, and your objective is to clear the blocks from a ladder on the other side of the screen. You start off with a block to toss at the others, either matching one of the patterns or a blue block which can be used to clear any of the patterns. You throw your block at matching blocks to clear them, and pick up the pattern that is behind the one you just cleared. In later levels there will be obstacles stopping you from getting a straight shot at some of the blocks, requiring more strategy. In the expert mode, there are fewer squares to clear but only one way to complete each level.


Probably the classic puzzle game, tetris has had dozens of incarnations. My favourite is the unofficial NES version made by Tengen. trying to fit all the shapes together, each made of 4 blocks and each fitting in different spaces, really made you think fast about where something would best fit, as well as where the next peice might fit. Also, i love the russian dancers who appear down the middle of the screen between levels. The more points you get the more dancers you get, up to six. The top two dancers are women, and dance differently than the men on the bottom four rows.

Dr. Mario

Similar in idea to Tetris, except there are germs of 3 different colours on each level that must be cleared with the pills that mario throws down. each pill has 2 halves, and each half is one of the 3 germ colours. The player must make stacks of four of the same colour to clear the set. Once all the germs have been cleared, the level is complete.


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A touch of Nostalgia

Posted by 1forfun on September 26, 2008

Who doesn’t remember Sesame Street. Back when it actually used to be Sesame Street. I for one used to watch the show all the time. Back before they changed it at least. So I was pretty pshyched when I found a Sesame Street game at the pawn shop. Needless to say I bought it, and now that my NES is once again in working order, I had to try out Countdown.

It was simple enought to figure out, you select a number at random from a spinning wheel of numbers 1-10, and then have to go through the level and collect that number, either as a numeral or as a cluster of objects. The levels however, are a little different from what I expected. Being that it is a Sesame Street game, I expected the levels to be on the street. The first level is, but after that you progress to a forest, and the wild west, prehistoric times and even the moon.  That’s pretty much the entire game. It’s alright for small children, but once you can count past 10, the game loses almost all of it’s interest and all of it’s challenge. Not that I regret owning it, since it’s a pretty cool bit of childhood, but you can also play online here, in higher quality to boot.

If you were a fan of the count in your younger days, it’s worth a look just to hear the count laugh again, ah ah ah!

Also in relation to Shannon’s post about casual gamers and hard core gamers and the games that used to satisfy both, i thought I’d look back at some of my favourite games on the NES that used to keep me “casually” entertained. (In no particular order)

Ice Climbers

With the popularity of the super Smash Bros. series, it always amuses me how few people I know have actually played the original Ice Climbers game. This game is essentially you playing as an ice climber trying to break ice blocks in order to get to the top of the mountain. Along the way you face seals who will recreate the ice layers you are trying to break through, falling icicles and birds diving at you. Each level has a different vegetable to collect for extra points, and at the top of each mountain is a small bonus level. If you are playing 2 player, it’s a race to the bonus level because only one of you can complete it. An added bonus of playing 2 player is that you can stun your opponent, and become quite annoying… Did I mention I have a younger brother?

Antarctic Adventure

This is another game set in rather chilly temperatures. You play as a penguin racing around the antarctic in several sections. meanwhile you have to avoid the seals and crevaces and collect fish. Hitting either a seal or a crevace won’t hurt you, you’ll just bounce off to the side, but it’s a timed race, so it gets annoying. This game was really a matter of challenging yourself to get farther than you had last time, something I always found really difficult, but the penguin is just so cute.

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