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Warm Fuzzies for your Holidays

Posted by Shannon O'Grady on December 24, 2008

You are very loved; I wish I could slip 10 000 little love letters under your door.

A personal holiday shout-out to my Dolfo: You are very loved; I wish I could slip 10 000 little love letters under your door.

So I was thinking of what to put up here over the holidays and I realized that this time of year is all supposed to be all about giving and sharing. So I’d like to share with all of you a link, that is also, all about sharing.

The story goes that one day a man went around leaving blank postcards around town. Each postcard had the man’s address on it and a simple request that the finder write their secret on the postcard and send it back to him. Years later postcards are still flooding in, but now the man posts them on a website every Sunday morning to share them with the world. The postcards come from all over the world and contain everything from the most lighthearted gossip to the hardest hitting pleas.

And everyone can read them.

The point of PostSecret is to encourage people to share their stories in hopes of inspiring others to share as well. Even if the readers don’t share, they never feel alone.

I wish I could share my own secret with all of you, but I lack the anonymity to feel safe in sharing. Maybe someday my own postcard will grace PostSecret. Maybe I’ve already read one of yours.

Either way: we aren’t alone.

Have a Happy Holiday of Choice, and a wonderful Gregorian Calendar Roll Over and remember to share with your family and friends in this festive time of year.


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